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Key AI Use Cases: Solving the right problem

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Identify Potential, Maximize Success

Identify high-impact
use cases

AI aligned with strategic goals

The Daiki platform streamlines the use case discovery process and provides a clear step-by-step template that ensures AI use cases are chosen based on alignment with strategic objectives rather than personal preferences.

Projects rooted in a well-defined use case are more scalable and adaptable to future changes within the organization. Developing valuable AI solutions in an established process enables success to be repeatable.

Approach business
value strategically

Cost & Resource-Efficiency

Understanding your use case thoroughly helps to avoid unnecessary expenditure on projects that may not align with your business goals or needs. If the use case can be determined precisely, time and effort can be saved in the long term.

A clear understanding of the use case ensures that the AI project is tailored to deliver maximum return on investment by addressing specific business needs, budget, technology, and personnel.

Implement and manage
any project successfully

Access instant solutions

Translate the identified use cases directly into real projects. Leverage Daiki’s AI Copilot and dynamic knowledge base to swiftly overcome research hurdles, accelerating your product launch with on-demand compliance expertise.

Effortlessly generate, organize, and manage essential documents, ensuring crucial information is readily accessible and up-to-date and allowing for increased collaboration within your team.

Trusted by leading international organizations

Accelerate Your AI Journey with Use Case Discovery

The Daiki Copilot system addresses all your queries regarding the initial use case discovery, and assists in automating documentation.

Daiki AI Co-Pilot Feature

In the use case discovery process, each step is guided not only by the AI Copilot, but also by pre-defined, personalized templates, giving you the structure and knowledge you need for an ideal approach.

Daiki Template Features

Develop AI together in one central location: Daiki supports collaboration – work simultaneously with your team and check the results in a simple review process. Enable transparency, quality, and alignment across the entire project.

Daiki collaboration features

Implement the identified key use cases directly as projects with Daiki. Our processes enable you to achieve an ideal combination of AI strategy, quality management, and operational efficiency.

Documentation overview in Daiki

Why choose Daiki for AI Use Case Discovery?

Icon Responsible AI Leader

Responsible AI Leader

Daiki was built by a multidisciplinary team of experts. We combine legal, ethical, design, and machine learning expertise to enable responsible AI development.

Icon Beyond Compliance

Beyond Compliance

Our goal is to not just ensure your compliance with regulations but to also enhance your development process, QMS, and operational efficiency using AI technologies.

Icon Access to AI Act

to AI Tech

Opt for trusted and regulatory-compliant tech stacks, such as Daiki’s Secure Private Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system.

AI Strategy Whitepaper

Download "AI Strategy:
A Step-by-Step Guide"

Our whitepaper offers a step-by-step guide to identifying your organization’s most promising use cases, whether you are venturing into AI or seeking to enhance existing initiatives.

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