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Use AI responsibly

We are building a responsible AI software platform to help you maintain compliance and embrace Responsible AI in your organization. Our team includes experts from the fields of machine learning, ethics, and law. Let us help you build and use AI responsibly.

Challenges of adopting
Responsible AI (RAI)


of organizations view RAI as a key management issue*


have comprehensive RAI programs in place*

*According to the 2022 Responsible AI Global Executive Study and Research Project conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group

Go beyond compliance with Responsible AI

Our mission is to enable teams to start (or accelerate) their journey towards Responsible AI. Our goal is to offer a unified platform to help organizations build more trustworthy AI by embedding the principles of ethics into the entire development process.

Develop responsible AI

Is your team interested in incorporating AI tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion or Luminous? Creating content with AI has never been easier. But it also carries risks. We can help you use and implement popular models in a responsible, ethical manner.

Daiki integrates well with existing solutions and provides a holistic approach to ensure fair, ethical, and responsible use of AI.

Prepare for the EU AI Act

In addition to GDPR, the gold standard of data protection, companies doing business in the EU will have to comply with the upcoming EU AI Act. The legislation’s underlying norms and values could eventually become a global standard.

Get ahead of the curve and be prepared for the upcoming EU AI Act by proactively addressing how you can implement Responsible AI.

Spend more time building

While compliance is an important pre-requisite for quality software, it doesn’t necessarily ensure that your AI applications are ethically sound.

Our aim is to make ethical AI tangible with templates and step-by-step guidance to ensure that the principles of responsible AI are incorporated into your development process. Align your team, get management buy-in, and get back to building great products.

Let's discuss how we can help you leverage AI services responsibly.

Helping teams build responsible AI at scale

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Join our waitlist for responsible AI development

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Join our waitlist for responsible AI development

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Join our waitlist for responsible AI development

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Join waitlist for responsible AI development