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Daiki enables you to create better AI

Our SaaS solution provides you with the infrastructure to build a strategy, centralize knowledge, collaborate and manage AI projects effortlessly. All while ensuring compliance at every step.

Streamlined processes ensure full compliance

Daiki offers a wide range of pre-structured processes that can be easily customized to fit any AI use case and create an AI strategy. Our intuitive document and quality management system ensures full compliance through our patent-pending AI registry and interfaces with AI certification bodies.

Centralized documentation as a single source of truth

Our platform provides a centralized documentation system for teams to store, highlight, and filter every detail of project content for each target group. Daiki provides the ideal framework for identifying, defining, synchronizing and managing requirements and knowledge in a structured way.

Centralized documentation in Daiki

Instant support and guidance

Benefit from Daiki’s seamless and contextualized guidance system, consisting of step-by-step guides, a proactive AI co-pilot, and an AI knowledge base. Our secure, private Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system allow you to leverage and maintain total control of your private data.

Instant support and guidance in Daiki

Quality management and risk minimization

A core aspect of our platform is the facilitation of teamwork. Increase quality and collaborative work through multi-level review processes, comment functions, and clear version management.

Quality management and risk minimization in Daiki

Everything relevant

at a glance

Daiki’s dashboard summarizes the status of each project and
provides a clear overview of the level of maturity, urgent
responsibilities, completion of documentation, and audit readiness.

Daiki project dashboard

Work with your
existing tools

Work with your favorite software and integrate your everyday tools at every stage of the ML development process.

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Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Daiki.

What sets Daiki apart from competitors?

Daiki’s distinction lies in our team’s diverse expertise, drawn from esteemed institutions like University of Vienna and Stanford University, and our extensive experience in machine learning and data science. We provide unparalleled guidance based on real-world project insights, prioritize data privacy and safety, and ensure tech sovereignty for our clients. Our hands-on approach and accessibility further differentiate us from larger competitors.

Daiki ensures customer privacy by adhering to standard European privacy regulations and possessing in-depth knowledge, including TÜV certification for data privacy and sharing technologies. Our proprietary data privacy management system, coupled with strict compliance with regulations, guarantees the highest level of privacy for our customers.

Yes, Daiki offers an experts program where we guide customers hand in hand during the initial phases to acquaint them with our product. Additionally, we provide extensive resources through our knowledge base, ensuring continuous support and updates on relevant topics.

Absolutely, Daiki operates on a per-company instance basis, allowing seamless management of multiple projects without seat charges or per-project pricing. 

Yes, Daiki incorporates team management features, including a review process, enabling easy sharing with internal or external team members without extra charges.

Yes, you can customize recipes with specific steps, leveraging our existing templates or seeking advice for tailored solutions. We offer flexibility in adapting recipes to your unique requirements or compliance needs.

We’re committed to integrating with a very wide range of tools, including popular ones like Jira, to complement rather than replace your existing systems. Additionally, we welcome suggestions for developing customized connectors to seamlessly integrate with preferred tools, ensuring a smooth workflow for our customers.

Daiki helps teams successfully implement AI in their organizations by streamlining the process and ensuring compliance at every step. With Daiki’s centralized documentation system, you can manage the governance and quality management of AI systems – and make success repeatable.

With the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence, organizations and management teams are seeking to add business value through AI. Daiki’s SaaS platform equips teams with the knowledge and processes required to efficiently develop and implement AI. We help you build on your most promising use cases.

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“As a physician and data scientist, I believe the collaboration with Daiki is a great win for my projects. Communication has always been positive and professional; the experience and knowledge of machine intelligence in healthcare are one-of-a-kind. I am sure it wouldn’t be possible to develop the project I am working on without the support of the Daiki team. “

Profile picture of Dr. Murat Bilici

University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Murat Bilici
Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, Data Scientist

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