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Daiki helps organizations develop and implement successful AI projects. Apply to our pilot program to get started today.

Developed by more than 30+ experts from various disciplines

Struggling with how to leverage AI in your organizaion?

Most AI projects fail – don’t let yours. Daiki helps teams build and implement a successful AI strategy. Benefit from our ML expertise and our multidisciplinary approach to AI development.

Learn best-practice ML development

Daiki is your partner for learning how to best implement AI projects in your organization. Our extensive machine learning expertise and knowledge base support you with context-specific, actionable help.

We work with your existing tools

We integrate your everyday tools at every stage of the ML development process.

What's included in the free pilot?

Use case discovery & feasibility

After assessing your organization’s specific needs, we work with your team to explore, identify, and prioritize key areas where AI can provide tangible improvements in your organization. We also help you evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of specific AI use cases.

Pilot solution development

This phase includes pilot scoping, prototype development, and pilot testing. Our team will showcase the capability of Daiki’s SaaS solution in structuring and implementing your project and will provide a tailored roadmap for integrating AI practices into business workflows. 

Take the results with you

After the conclusion of the pilot, you’ll have access to your pilot AI solution deployed in a controlled production environment. You’ll also receive a detailed pilot performance report and recommendations for full-scale AI implementation or additional piloting if needed.

Daiki enables AI

We’re on a mission to enable AI. Our approach is holistic and multidisciplinary: we combine legal, ethical, design, and machine learning expertise to enable responsible AI development. 

  • Structure your process:  We help you gain structure and a clear overview of the entire ML process and manage multiple projects within our SaaS platform.
  • Learn best practices for AI development: Our comprehensive AI knowledge base includes templates, best practices, tutorials, code samples, and SDKs to help you implement AI.
  • Compliance made easy: Daiki’s SaaS solution works as a document and quality management system with AI certification interfaces and patent-pending AI registry ensuring full compliance.

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