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Responsible AI
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The first SaaS platform that combines AI strategy and
governance to successfully implement any AI project.

Developed by more than 30+ experts from various disciplines

Get answers to unclear issues.

At the heart of Daiki is an always-on assistant that is at your side every step in your responsible AI development journey.

  • Supports you with relevant knowledge
    • Implement the best possible AI strategy
    • Be compliant with regulations e.g. EU AI Act
    • Use generative AI safely
    • Specific domain knowledge e.g. Medical Devices or Finance
  • Gathers all project info in one central location




Gain structure and overview. Daiki ships with templates for tailor-made AI use cases and compliance programs.


Integrate your existing tools (Project management, ML dev, communication) in every stage of development.


Step-by step guidance to help you enable AI and comply with key regulations like the EU AI Act.


Less overhead & higher model quality through integrated AI templates and on-the-fly documentation.


Improve your understanding of your users’ needs and problems with methods that focus on users early in the process.

success with
best practice processes

Leading AI content from our comprehensive knowledge base with templates, tutorials, code samples and SDKs for implementing AI – alongside a best practice ML workflow that is individually customizable.

any AI

Daiki’s results are fully documented, continuously monitored AI systems whose details are centrally accessible and traceable for all team members.

The document and quality management system with our patent-pending AI registry ensures full compliance and interfaces with AI certification bodies.

  • Directly connected to certifying bodies for certification
  • Advanced search and filter for different audiences
  • Flexibly shareable via URL

Track progress effortlessly

Your personal dashboard provides you with targeted insights at any time to keep track of your own responsibilities – and your team’s.

  • Next tasks
  • Shared responsibility packages
  • Team activities

Manage multiple projects & compare solutions

A project dashboard allows you to check the status of all of your projects at any time:

  • Responsibility Level and Maturity
  • Urgent Responsibilities
  • Documentation Completion
  • Audit Readiness

Certify your AI system

Integrate the principles of responsible AI to your products and certify this standard with our ethical AI label.

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